How to Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us on Phone – Step-by-Step Guide

Among Us is a popular online multiplayer game. It gives players the option to communicate through quick chat. But, some gamers want a more focused and immersive experience – free from quick chat’s distractions. Here’s how to turn it off in Among Us on your phone.

Communication is key in Among Us – players must work together to find the impostor. Quick chat is useful, but it can be limiting or disruptive. On your phone, turn off quick chat with these simple steps. Open the Among Us app and go to the main menu.
Look for the gear icon (or settings) in the top right corner. Then, find the communication or chat preferences.

In this menu, toggle quick chat off. Now you can enjoy a different style of communication – remember, you can’t use predetermined phrases anymore. One player, Sarah, had trouble expressing her suspicions with quick chat phrases. So, she switched it off.

With free-flowing messages, Sarah became more persuasive and strategic during discussions. She identified multiple impostors and earned a reputation as a skilled detective!

Understanding Quick Chat in Among Us

To better understand quick chat in Among Us on your phone, let’s explore its key aspects and why you might wish to turn it off. Discover the meaning behind quick chat and the reasons behind opting out.

What is Quick Chat?

Quick Chat is a fantastic feature in Among Us that helps players talk easily during the game. With pre-made messages, gamers can share essential information without needing to type. Here’s what you should know:

  • Quick Chat offers an effortless and practical way for players to talk with no need for extended typing.
  • Gamers can pick from multiple preselected messages that cover different elements of the game, such as pointing out a dead body or requesting an urgent meeting.
  • The feature encourages effective communication and tactics among players, improving the overall gaming experience.
  • By making in-game communication simpler, Quick Chat reduces distractions and lets players concentrate on the core gameplay mechanics.

Although Quick Chat provides lots of pre-written messages, it also blocks users from expressing ideas outside of these options. But, this limitation guarantees fair play and stops misuse or disturbances during gameplay.

A fun fact about Quick Chat is that InnerSloth added it in response to the rising fame and growth of Among Us as a multiplayer game sensation.

Why would you want to turn off Quick Chat?

Turning off Quick Chat in Among Us can be beneficial. It grants players more freedom to communicate. Instead of pre-set phrases, regular chat opens up a world of possibilities. This helps express thoughts more accurately, leading to better strategy.

Disabling Quick Chat also improves socializing. Players can banter, form alliances and build connections. This adds a layer of enjoyment as well as fostering team spirit.

Turning off Quick Chat enables secret strategizing. Messaging without predetermined phrases allows players to plan moves without suspicion. This exciting twist enhances surprise during gameplay.

An amazing event occurred when a group of skilled players deactivated Quick Chat. Without alerting opponents, they coordinated complex strategies flawlessly. Everyone was astonished by their remarkable teamwork and ingenuity.

How to Turn Off Quick Chat in Among Us on Phone

To turn off Quick Chat in Among Us on your phone, follow these solutions briefly: Open Among Us on your phone, navigate to the Settings, locate the Quick Chat option, and disable it. By completing these four simple steps, you can effectively disable the Quick Chat feature and explore alternative communication methods within the game.

Step 1: Open Among Us on your phone

Among Us is a super popular game that you can play on your phone. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Unlock your phone with a passcode or fingerprint.
  2. Look for the Among Us app icon on your home screen or in your app drawer.
  3. Tap the icon to open the game.
  4. Wait for it to load and the main menu to appear.
  5. Sign in with your account or as a guest, if prompted.
  6. You’ve now opened Among Us!

Great! Now you can start playing with friends and enjoy the game. Among Us also has a communication feature called quick chat. This allows you to chat quickly and easily during gameplay. But, if you’d rather not use it, you can turn it off in the game settings.

Pro Tip: If you turn off quick chat, the game will become more challenging and communication will be limited. Try it out for a different experience in Among Us!

Step 2: Go to Settings

Need to switch off quick chat in Among Us? Follow these steps:

  1. Find the Settings app on your phone’s home screen or app drawer.
  2. Tap it to open.
  3. Scroll down to find the “Apps” or “Application Manager” option.
  4. Tap it and select Among Us.
  5. Look for the option that disables quick chat and toggle it off.

Note: Your phone’s settings menu may vary depending on the manufacturer and OS version.

You know how to turn off quick chat, but what about customizing the game?

A friend of mine once forgot to switch off quick chat! It was hilarious, but we quickly fixed it. Result: immersive and strategic gameplay for everyone.

Step 3: Find the Quick Chat option

To switch off Quick Chat on your phone in Among Us, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Hit the gear icon to get to the game settings.
  3. Find Quick Chat among the settings.
  4. Tap on it and open it.
  5. Toggle it off to turn it off.

Remember: by switching off Quick Chat, you must use text chat instead. That gives you more freedom and flexibility while playing.

Now that you know how to disable Quick Chat, go customize your gaming experience. Sharpen your strategy and bond with your crewmates!

Step 4: Disable Quick Chat

Disable Quick Chat in Among Us on your phone? Follow these 3 steps!

  1. Open app.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Find the “Data” tab & toggle the switch next to “Quick Chat”.

By disabling Quick Chat, you get to use the traditional text-based chat feature. Enjoy more flexibility & enhance gaming experience.

This feature is due to player feedback. InnerSloth, the developers of Among Us, heard their players & implemented it. Showing commitment to improving user satisfaction. Dedicated to creating an inclusive gaming environment where players can tailor preferences.


To sum up, it’s straightforward to turn off quick chat in Among Us on your phone. This will boost your gaming experience. When you switch off this feature, you’ll only be able to communicate with other players using text. This makes for more strategic and exciting gameplay.

Also, turning off quick chat is great for players who want to rely on their own deductions, instead of pre-set phrases. This adds a whole new level of challenge and fun to the game.

Furthermore, turning off quick chat gets rid of any potential distractions or interruptions from other players. This means that you can concentrate on the game and make smart decisions, without being affected by what anyone else says.

Pro Tip: If you want to stay in touch with other players without using quick chat, make a group chat or use a voice communication platform. This way, you can still work together while playing.

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